Outdoor Off-grid Solar Energy Solutions

Outdoor Off-grid Solar Energy Solutions


POWERWIN PWS100F Flexible Solar Panel

The soft & flexible design allows you to install and operate anywhere you want. Grade-A soft monocrystal silicon materials. With ETFE, waterproof material. The light transmittance is as high as 95%. Water-Resistant & Dust-Proof. PV connecter mounted. You can install and connect with serial or parallel.

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POWERWIN MT01 MPPT Solar Charge Controller

POWERWIN MT01 MPPT 30A/50A/100A Solar Controller 12V 24V Auto Solar Cell Panel Charger Regulator Dual USB LCD Display For Lifepo4 Battery Vendor: POWERWIN

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POWERWIN BT100 LiFePO4 Battery

POWERWIN BT100 LiFePO4 Battery, a lightweight and eco-friendly alternative to lead-acid batteries. With a 10-year lifespan and 1280Wh capacity, this LiFePO4 battery offers up to 3500-15000 life cycles. Built with BMS protection for overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit,

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