Solar Glass Applications

Integrate renewable energy generation into your building or infrastructure, taking into account its aesthetics or performance. Harness the energy of the sun while enjoying endless power and protection with our most advanced solar glass elements.

Application Features

High conversion efficiency, temperature coefficient, attenuation rate occlusion loss, and tilt dependence ensure optimal energy generation. Designed to surpass the building life cycle, it offers a lifespan of over 25 years, and quick investment return.
  • 25+
    25+ Lifecycles
  • 16%+
    Over 16% Efficiency
  • 0
    0 Heating Spot
  • 10
    10 Years Warranty

Our Vision

Provide a variety of flexible solutions for families, integrated solutions for light energy and energy storage, to help customers solve the problem of long expansion cycle and low utilization of power assets, so that smart travel is more convenient.

Solar Glass House


Replace the traditional roof tiles, expand the application field of photovoltaic products, which both efficient power generation performance, but also in line with modern architectural aesthetics, become a set of safe, practical, environmental protection, energy saving, beautiful in one of the green building materials.

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For Industry & Commerce


Quick installation of components with just one person; Save guide material, reduce roof damage; Meet the traditional building module; Compatible with all color steel tile materials and roof node design; Separation of roof and photovoltaic construction, convenient acceptance and quality assurance; Meet building industry standards for roof insulation and heat dissipation, without negative impact.

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Building Elevation


Our products use borderless design, better integration of building applications, easy installation, size can be customized for building curtain walls, lighting roofs, sun glass rooms and so on. Powered by efficient CdTe power generation glass chip, and its hollow structure effectively reduces heat transfer coefficient. Applied to the facade, guardrail, window wall, can be perfectly matched with aluminum plate, stone, etc.

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