POWERWIN Transparent Solar panel

POWERWIN Transparent Solar panel

High transparent and solid structure glass with CdTe (Cadmium telluride) material.
High conversion rate and heat controll, water & fire-resistance.
0%, 20%, and 40% transparent of the film for choose. Perfect for glass house, roof design, and all purpose building structure design.

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999 piece per Month
Commercial & Business
Traditional industrial and commercial roofs, which are typically flat or low-sloped, are a popular choice for many businesses due to their convenience, cost-effectiveness, and high return on investment. They are easy to construct and repair, easier to access for maintenance, less expensive to install than sloped roofs, and have a long lifespan when properly maintained. This makes them a low-risk, high-reward investment option for many companies.
Multilayer Mounted
The product boasts high waterproof performance, meaning it is resistant to water and moisture, which can prolong its lifespan. Its anti-hot spot effect allows heat to be distributed evenly, reducing the risk of hot spots that can damage the device or pose a fire hazard. With a design that minimizes the risk of electrical shorts and overheating, this product is safe and efficient, ensuring it performs optimally while keeping the user and the environment protected.

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