POWERWIN PWS100F Flexible Solar Panel-RV

POWERWIN PWS100F Flexible Solar Panel-RV

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Place of Origin:
Supply Ability:
300 carton per Month
Rated Power
Working Volts/Amps
MC4 (mounted)
Product Dimension
1055×612×3 mm
Product Weight
3.5 kg
Working Temperature
12-24 Months

POWERWIN PWS100F Flexible Solar Panel


Grade-A Soft Monocrystalline Silicon Materials

Our Flexible Solar Panel utilizes high-quality Grade-A soft monocrystalline silicon materials. This ensures optimal efficiency and performance, enabling the panel to convert sunlight into usable energy with remarkable effectiveness. Benefit from maximum power generation and make the most of your yacht's energy needs.

ETFE Outer Layer

The solar panel is equipped with an ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) outer layer. ETFE is known for its excellent transparency, corrosion resistance, and durability. It provides enhanced protection against harsh marine elements, such as saltwater, UV rays, and extreme temperatures, ensuring a longer lifespan for the panel.

Water-Resistant and Dust-Proof

The Flexible Solar Panel is designed to withstand water exposure and dust accumulation, making it an ideal choice for yachts. Its water-resistant and dust-proof construction ensures reliable performance even in challenging maritime conditions. Feel confident in your solar panel's ability to endure moisture, splashes, and debris without compromising its efficiency.

Flexible Design

With its flexible design, this solar panel offers versatility in installation options. Its flexibility enables it to conform to various curved or irregular surfaces on your yacht. Seamlessly integrate the solar panel onto different parts of your vessel, optimizing space and maximizing energy generation potential.

Sustainable Energy Solution

Harness the power of the sun to generate clean, sustainable energy for your yacht. The Flexible Solar Panel reduces reliance on traditional energy sources, contributing to a greener and more environmentally friendly sailing experience. Enjoy the freedom and peace of mind that come with having a reliable and eco-friendly power source on board.

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