POWERWIN BT100 LiFePO4 Battery
Solar Solution, LiFePO4 Battery, 12V100Ah Battery
  • Solar Solution, LiFePO4 Battery, 12V100Ah Battery

POWERWIN BT100 LiFePO4 Battery

POWERWIN BT100 LiFePO4 Battery, a lightweight and eco-friendly alternative to lead-acid batteries. With a 10-year lifespan and 1280Wh capacity, this LiFePO4 battery offers up to 3500-15000 life cycles. Built with BMS protection for overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit,

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500 piece per Month
Space Gray
Battery Type
Life Cycles
15000+ Cycles to 60% DoD
Shelf Life
Recharge to 80% Every 3-6 Months
Management System
Battery Management System

POWERWIN BT100 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery


Big Power of All Purpose Power Supply

POWERWIN BT100 uses a high-performance 100Ah 12.8V Lithium Iron Phosphate battery with an advanced Battery Management System (BMS). Designed to extend your energy storage experience, this battery offers exceptional power, reliability, and longevity for a wide range of applications. Save more energy, no waste.
 12.8V Lithium Iron Phosphate battery

High Performance & Low Risky

With its impressive 100Ah capacity, this LiFePO4 battery provides ample energy storage for your solar panels, ensuring uninterrupted power supply even during low sunlight or at night. The BMS inside of the battery ensures optimal performance, protecting against overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits.

100Ah Lithium battery

Versatile Battery For Multiple Scenario

The 100Ah Lithium battery is an ideal choice for solar energy storage systems, electric vehicles, off-grid installations, marine applications, and more devices. Its convinient design allows for easy installation and portability, giving you the flexibility to use it wherever power is needed.
 Solar energy storage
Green Energy Makes it Future

Invest in the future of energy storage with our 12.8V 100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. Experience the benefits of clean, reliable, and unlimited power to ensure your sun power energy system operates at its peak efficiency. Trust in our advanced BMS technology to safeguard your investment and enjoy the convenience of a maintenance-free solution. Power up your life with our high-performance lithium iron phosphate battery.

LiFePO4 Battery Yacht Sailing Boat
Multiple Charging For All Your Devices
POWERWIN BT100 provides 1280Wh capacity and power up to 1000W output to easily charge your all devices.
How to calculate the Full Charge Time of devices?
( 1280Wh × Your Inverter Conversion Rate / Your Device's Power  ≈ The Full Charge Time)
*Based on laboratory data, the service time may vary.

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